Tilem Pastika (Tilem)
BBAF Art Director for Performing Arts
The Head of Sekdut Bali Performing Art Community
The Secretary of Art and Culture of DPP Peradah Bali
Born in Bali, 1992.
A Performing Artist and A Traditional Mask Artist. He has been actively involved in more than 100 performing art shows and exhibition both in national and international stages.

I Wayan Diana Putra (Ana)

Musician, Composer, Writer, Lecturer

Born in Bali, 1989

Coming from a family of puppeters, Ana started learning gamelan since childhood at Gamelan Cenik Wayah (a children gamelan group). He has been performing in many stages in Indonesia and abroad such as USA, Thailand, and Malaysia. Not only Gamelan, he also had a chance to learn Samul Nori (Korean percussion music) from two Samulnori master, Choi Jee Hak and Lee Sung Jae, and join a Samulnori World Competition at South Korea in 2015 where he achieved a winner position. Since 2009 – present, he has composed many gamelan composition albums. Now he is also active as a lecturer at Indonesian Institute of Art, Denpasar.

Jasmine Okubo
Choreographer & Dancer
Founder of KITAPOLENG Community
Born in Turki
Currently active professionally as choreographer and dancer who widely participating and also gaining achievements in numerous national and international events.

I Gusti Ngurah Agung Giri Putra (Gung Giri)
The Founder of Angsa Community
The member of Sanggar Seni Saba Sari
Born in Bali, 1993
Has been actively participate in many dance events, both nationally and internationally, and also won a number of dance competitions.

Made Agus Widnyana
Born in Bali, 1982
Has been actively working in mask creative field since the 2000 and participated in many international mask exhibitions. Now, he is specialized in Balinese mask painting in antique style.

Ni Luh Putu Eny Damayani (Eny)
Contemporary Dance Artist
The Founder of Eny Art Dance
Born in Bali
Has been actively participate in many Dance Festival both nationally and Internationally

Sang Nyoman Gede Adhi Santika (Sang Oman)
Berawa Beach Arts Festival Performing Arts Team
Traditional performing arts artist
Born in Bali, 1995
Coming from an artist family, he has been raised artist. Has won many competitions in traditional performing arts competition and involved in many show especially in puppetry. He is also active professionally in the entertainment industry as musician, singer, and presenter.

I Kadek Prawira Nugraha (Dek Wira)
Berawa Beach Arts Festival Performing Arts Team
Puppetry Artist
Born in Bali, 1995
Puppetry has been thickly running in the family for three generations. He has learnt Balinese traditional puppetry since a very young age, and won many competitions in it. He is now also active in managing arts events in Bali.

Performing Art Group:

  • Palawara Music Company
  • Sekdut Bali
  • Megel 14 (Colossal Kecak Concert Instructors)
  • Teater Kini Berseri (Pantomime)
  • Sanggar Seni Cipta Dharma
  • Sanggar Seni Desa Tibubeneng
  • Komunitas Wayang Ental

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